Does your team need to improve and generate better results?

We provide your team with an opportunity to develop and improve the required skills, through relevant customised training programs that are led by professional trainers who have over 5+ years of experience in training individuals in various works of life.

Customised Training Programs

Customised training programs that we've executed so far:

Over time, we have built an expertise in perfecting some of our most popular learning programs. And, we excel at being adaptable to build new modules as per your needs. Here is a list of topics that we’ve executed so far:

Soft Skills Training Programs:

  • “Expert to Guru” - Train the trainer
  • “The art of selling anything” – Sales effectiveness
  • “The balance between Managing and Leading” – Situational leadership
  • ”The empathetic leader” – Emotional intelligence
  • “Communicate to impress” – Business communication & interpersonal relationship building
  • “Care about your customers” – Customer interaction & experience
  • “Stress is our best friend” -Stress management
  • “Communicating through stories” - Storytelling
  • “Influencing people” - Persuasion & negotiation skills
  • “Who’s responsible for this?” - Ownership & accountability
  • Together Everyone Achieves More” - Teamwork
  • “Building a professional personality” - Business etiquette
  • “Be the brand you look up to” - Business awareness

Efficiency Training Programs:

  • “Defining the finish line” - Goal setting
  • “Time is money” - Time management
  • “Master the science of execution” - Effective execution
  • “Great decisions in tough times” - Decision making & problem solving
  • “Master your data” – MS Excel
  • “Present like a pro” – MS PowerPoint

Customised training programs methodology - Engaging, interactive & relevant

At Skillephant, our team works diligently to customise all our learning modules. In addition, we ensure that they contain relatable information demonstrate how each skill is to be applied in each job role of every department. Therefore, this allows you to develop knowledge, skills and abilities that can be directly applied.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

We hold interactive question and answer sessions that are focused on promoting valuable discussions and understanding best practices.

Realistic Role-Plays

Practice is one of the best forms of learning. We create a safe space to practice the application of skills when faced with realistic workplace scenarios.

Business Games

Everyone likes games. We build and play enjoyable business games that teach us valuable lessons and help us improve our skills.

Visual Aid

Our visual representations of information (i.e. images, charts, videos etc.) directly increase the probability of retention of learning.


Energising icebreakers are really effective in preparing everyone to participate in highly interactive training sessions. And, do a great job in using them to get everyone involved.

Engaging Stories

Most of our learning comes through stories that we read or watch. We focus on the art of storytelling to ensure that the concepts are relatable, fun and effective.

Customised Training Programs - Skill Assessments

Don't know where to begin?

We conduct skill assessments to help you see the gap by identifying important skills that your team needs to improve in.

Our methodology in conducting skill assessments:

Through interviews, we conduct an assessment to gauge your employees' competencies & identify skill gaps, which enables you to make faster & informed people decisions at any given time.

Firstly, We conduct an Organisational Analysis

First, we conduct an organisational analysis, which involves:

  • determining appropriateness of learning programs.
  • understanding the organisation's business strategy.
  • building managerial support for learning and development.

Secondly, We conduct a People Analysis

This step of the process is really critical to designing effective and appropriate learning and development programs:

  • determining whether performance result from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability or from a motivational or work-design problem.
  • identifying stakeholders that require training.
  • determining employee readiness for learning.

Lastly, We conduct a Task Analysis

The final step of the process involves:

  • identifying important tasks and knowledge, skills, and behaviours that need to be emphasised in the program for employees to complete their tasks.

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