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How to responsible in life

Published on October 20, 2020

Responsibility, responsibility! We have all heard an age-old phrase “With great power, comes great responsibility”, haven’t we? Well, it is indeed true to an extent. The problem though is we all love to possess power, but our poor at holding our responsibilities. We always find rather surprisingly sometimes, an excuse, an opening to run away from the situation that requires us to shoulder responsibilities. And you’re not alone, mind you. A majority of the human race does the very same. Thing is, you can’t run away from them for long and you can’t grow if you keep playing around with responsibility. Why? I see you ask. Well, by the end of the blog, you’ll have an answer to not just why you should be a responsible person but also, how you can be responsible. Stick around.

It’d only be fitting to start by an amazing quote on responsibility by someone as iconic as can be.

“ The price of greatness is responsibility. “

- Winston Churchill

The more prevalent question here, I guess, is why take responsibility for your actions? Well, here’s why. Picture in the scenario. You own a lovely car and one fine day a friend of yours hops into your backyard and asks to borrow your ride for a few hours. Now, you’re not very keen on giving him the keys because you’re a bit possessive about your machines, and he isn’t the best of your mates.


But, being the nice person that you are, you eventually hand him the keys. He returns a few hours later, hands you the keys back and leaves. In the evening, you have to get to a party and when you are about to get in your car, you notice a scratch above the rear right tyre. Fuming, you call your friend up and inquire about this and he declines to have any knowledge whatsoever about this. You know you didn’t do it. It was him, for sure. Question : Would you ever in your life give your car to that friend again?


Think about this for a second. If, instead of denial of responsibilities, your friend would have immediately informed you about the scratch when he returned it to you and took ownership of his actions… What do you reckon would be the likelihood of you lending him anything again. Certainly higher than before, isn’t it? It has to be. Therein lies an answer for why be accountable for your deeds.


Sure, for that moment, you’d have lashed out on him and asked him to get it fixed, or something similar, but in the long term you’d have had regards for him for taking ownership of his actions, and would have almost certainly forgiven them ( Unless you’re Nari Contractor from the movie Dhamaal 😉 ). It helps build trust, something which I’d come to, in a bit.


So, I’m sure you did relate to this story, at least to an extent for sure. But, is a fictional yet so very relatable story good enough to convince you about responsibilities or do you need to feed some solid proof into your skull? Yes? No? Here’s a concrete proof.

How to responsible in life

Now then, we get to the business end of things. How to be responsible in life? I see you ask. Say no more Senor/Senorita. Here are 5 tips to answer the question ‘How to be responsible in life?’ -

1) Games are fun, but playing the blame game is not -

This is tough, I know, but is an important key to how to be responsible in life. Next time, whenever you’re needed to hold responsibility, try to consciously avoid blaming others and trying to save yourself. In fact, sometimes trying to hide the truth by making excuses makes it quite obvious that you were the one responsible. And let’s face it, nobody likes that guy who just never accepts responsibilities and tries to knock them off on others. You'll lose trust, more than anything else. Stay strong, grow some guts and be accountable for whatever you have done.

2) It's only human to make mistakes :

More often than not, the reason many of us refrain from taking any responsibilities in life is that we think that if we hold ourselves accountable for something wrong or bad, we will have to face negative consequences. And I assure you, that is not the case. You see, we humans know it's easier to knock it off on someone else than holding our hand up during adversaries. For that very reason, someone who does raise his hand up during tough times, for what he/she has done, is considered high in regard. We're human and we can't be perfect. It only makes us human and more desirable if we make mistakes because we're supposed to do that. Not for the entirety of life, of course, but you see what I mean.  If you think being responsible for your mistakes is screwing yourself, you're wrong, my friend. Only through mistakes do we learn.

3) Don't follow the world into this :

In the competitive & performance-oriented world, moral human values have gone for a toss. And it's quite evident today, that, to get ahead of the competition, we never hold ourselves accountable. If you look around, you'll find many functionaries that do stuff and blame it on others, frame them & blow them up to gain an unfair advantage. That's a very wrong example for you to look out for. To clear things out, being shrewd and witty in that sense is different from this stuff. Politics is a different ball game. Choose who you look up to wisely. How to be responsible in life is not exactly like how to be shrewd in life.

4) Make your "OWN" decisions :

No, no. This ain't a frivolous statement. I'm serious. Well, on the outside, on the conscious side, many times, you seem to have made your own decision. But in reality and the subconscious side, you allow someone else to make your decisions for you or allow your decisions to be influenced by others well beyond the extent it should. Then, at a later stage arises the need for you to hold responsibility for your action, you find it difficult. Because, in reality, subconsciously you haven't actually made that decision. Someone else did it for you. So, you find it difficult to actually accept what you did. So, try to have complete control over your decisions and things will be easy. Coming up is a trick for the same.

5) Meditate & think far :

Meditation is one of the best things there is in life. Doubt my word? Ask any CEO, pro athlete, or any individual who you consider to be successful, they all have at least this one thing in common, they meditate. Meditation ain’t just the answer for how to be responsible in life, it’s the answer to a truckload of issues & requirements. Start easy, pick up an easy technique & gradually build on. Also, think far ahead. Good drivers don’t just look for what's ahead of them, they look for the apex of the corner, they look beyond the apex until the human eye could receive light from. That’s life too.


Sometimes, it’s better to think short term, but otherwise, look out far. Don’t risk a long term advantage for a short term loss. Being responsible builds trust and trust is a critical key to being responsible in life. Calm down, think far, and use your guts to be accountable for your actions.

That’s it, folks. These are simple yet very effective tips. All it needs is a good execution from your end, which ain’t difficult, you’ll figure it out. I believe in you. Go out there, take responsibilities and rest assured, you are close to glory.

Happy responsibilities day, Champ!

Thank you!

- Image by Anja from Pixabay


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Post Author: Abhishek Mehta

Abhishek Mehta is a Co-founder of Skillephant, a skill development and management firm that helps organisations build and manage teams. Prior to this, while working with globally leading e-commerce clients at a real estate firm, Abhishek was able to build an expertise in project and human resource management. It was early in his career when he learnt about the valuable role that a strong human capital plays in an organization's success. Abhishek is ardent about making a difference and providing people with vital learning and development resources that can pave the path to success.