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Skillephant's mentorship program is designed to help with your personal & professional goals. So whether you're looking to get a job, be a freelancer, change your career or be an entrepreneur, we have got you covered!

A dedicated Mentor with 4+ years of experience

Weekly 1-on-1 calls to learn essential skills from your Mentor

Personalised guidance & coaching, at your own pace

Practical learning with a chance to work on live projects

Post-mentorship support to ensure that you succeed

A special certificate from Skillephant & your Mentor

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What you will learn in our mentorship program

You get to decide! Everyone's goals are different, you may be looking for a job, or may want to be a freelancer, or may just want to expand your skillset. Either way, instead of standard learning plans, we customise your learning based on your goals.

Communication & Negotiation Skills

Master vital business communication techniques, practical persuasion & negotiation skills to build strong professional relationships.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Improve your analytical ability to make good & informed decisions, which take you closer to your goals.

Leadership Abilities

Learn to lead like all your role models by building an expertise in people management & emotional intelligence.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Choose from 5 different specialisations: Social media marketer, Paid ads specialist, SEO specialist, Account manager, & Content marketer

Our learner's reviews

"Thank you for teaching me about leadership and the nuances in networking. I had such a fun time learning from you, thank you for your guidance and extra time to help me out with my personal projects, for helping me improve my soft skills and teaching me how to be more persuasive."

Aditya Taneja - Mentorship

Aditya Taneja

"Respected mentor, your entrepreneurial skill has won you many admirers. You are truly a great inspiration for me. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for your time, support and patience. Thanks for guiding me towards the right path."

Hitakshi Sharma - Mentorship

Hitakshi Sharma

"I didn't expect it, but it was too good. My mentor told me about the things we subconsciously do in our daily life. Now I can improve my communication, as I can identify these things. My mentor explained concepts to me with patience, and I felt like I was having a conversation with my friend. I can't wait for next week to attend my next mentorship session."

Sarosh Aadil

Sarosh Aadil

"My mentor inspired me by motivating me to act on my plans. He gave guidance on the plans that I am currently working towards and made me understand the basics of where I need to improve. He listened to my knowledge and we had great interactions and they were some of the best sessions with sir. He inspired me with all the negotiations skills that were necessary for me. He is truly the best, he gives the motivation to do and implement things and get the results. I am very happy to be coached by him."

Mriganka Biswas

Mriganka Biswas

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our mentorship program

Skillephant is a modern learning solutions organisation focussed on helping people develop and improve important skills to achieve their career goals. We work towards a goal of providing people the ability to progress in their new-age career path by helping them with the right resources to learn skills that typical education fails to do.
We believe that learning from actual experience and from the practical application of skills, are the best forms of learning. Hence, based on your career goals, we help you learn and gain knowledge from experienced professionals who are willing to be a personal coach/mentor for you. We design a plan for you to receive the best guidance, we help you learn with the best mentor and most importantly, we help you create a strong profile!
- Get a dedicated personal mentor, who has more than 4+ years of experience - Get 1-on-1 weekly calls with your experienced mentor - Take advantage of personalised learning that is focused on your career goals - Learn with practical skills and get a chance to work on a live project with your mentor - Get post-mentorship support to ensure that you have achieved your goals - Grab a special certificate to showcase your skills
This mentorship program is ideal for college students, recent graduates, freshers, working professionals, freelancers, aspiring/current entrepreneurs.
You get to learn important soft skills like business communication, persuasive abilities, negotiation skills, time management, persistence, leadership traits, decision making, problem solving, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, creative thinking etc. You can also learn digital marketing skills like search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, paid ads, content writing etc.
In the competitive world that we live in, you will find 1000s of people with great engineering skills, for example. But, only 100 will have the ability to present their ideas and work effectively with a team. And maybe 20 who will have the ability to lead teams and network with business partners. Hard skills are great and important, but about 85% of your career's success is based on your soft skills. Think of any great leader that you believe in, and ask yourself what you like about him/her the most.
Our soft skills mentors are professional leaders and certified coaches with the right set of leadership and coaching skills to help you enhance your career no matter which field you are in. Our digital marketing mentors are Digital Marketing Professionals with wealth of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and the right set of leadership and coaching skills to guide and build you into an excellent Digital Marketer.
You get to choose between signing up for 4 mentorship sessions or 8 mentorship sessions. Each mentorship session is conducted on a video conferencing call with your mentor, once every week. The duration of each mentorship session is 1 hour. Hence, can choose to finish your program in as fast as 30 days.
You can enjoy our program and achieve your goals by learning with us at a price as low as Rs. 499 per mentorship session! Our digital marketing program is offered on a collaborative basis with our business partners, and it's price is different. Contact us to learn more about it.
Just sign up through the form on this page and will give you a call immediately to schedule your first mentorship session!
Our learners have been able to crack their first jobs and internships, been able to successfully launch and grow their businesses using the skills learnt, learn new skills for their knowledge, and lots more. Our personalized mentorship program will ensure whatever outcome you are looking for, is met.
Because you get access to and get to learn through the experience of experts and industry leaders at an extremely reasonable price. And more importantly, you get to develop vital soft skills that most people tend to undervalue and ignore. Hence, you will always be 10 steps ahead in the game.

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